Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Le Monde Cafe @ Surry Hills // Review

It's been a while since the last brunch but with the excuse to also see friends again - not sure if more excited for food or friends?! :P

Le Monde is a small cafe space where you and your friends can inhabit a corner by the cushions and talk for ages while the counter bustles with takeaway coffee and croissant orders. It's a nice mix!

It's nice and quiet during a weekday with the only sounds being nearby chatter and the grinding of the coffee. Natural light floods through the windows and along with some indoor lights, create a dim but well lit space for a sunny brunch! 


We ordered the Matcha pancakes ($16), Pulled pork ($18) and the Bacon Egg Roll Special ($10).

I'm a sucker for all things matcha so I loved the fluffiness of the pancakes with that slight bitterness of green tea! What totally completed the dish was that coffee expresso syrup. It was definitely one of the most delicious and different pancake flavour combinations I've had! Total winner! I now need this coffee syrup in my life!


And for the other dishes (on the Specials chalkboard), the pulled pork was just the right texture and softness but the bread was a little hard and a mission with the cutlery! Surprisingly the bacon and egg roll was pretty good for its price. The waiter took it out and it was so loaded!

Not sure if anything else on the menu will bring me back anytime soon since it doesn't have as many daring fusion choices as most modern cafes. But I still loved the oxymoronic quiet/bustling atmosphere on the two opposite sides of the cafe! They do a pretty good capucinno too!

Three word summary: Cosy, modern, detached
Ambience 4/5
Fare $-$$
Service 4/5
Foodwise 4/5

Have a fab summer

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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Hakiki Turkish Ice Creamery @ Enmore // Review

Something about the name makes me think of tropical island flavors but those kind of ice creameries are so yesterday and we were feeling something more exotic and traditional!

Turkish ice cream looks like the 'normal', humble ice cream....until you take a spoon from it! It just keeps dragging out like I doesn't want to be eaten = The Australian Summer ice-cream-melting issue solved! Apparently Turkish ice cream is traditionally eaten with knife (no spooning here!) and fork.


1. You don't just go here and get some simpleton caramel flavour (even they're way too good for that).
2. You also don't just go in for one scoop especially when you have your eyes on four different flavours!

Here's our guide on what flavours were our favs:

Baklava: What's better than baklava? Baklava ice cream that's what. We loved the fillo pastry bits - just the way it soaks up some of the ice cream but still gives a chewy change in texture makes me feel so happy and zen!

Rock melon and feta: yes you read this right! Great balanced combination of salty and sweet I don't know how I didn't discover this before! Who even thought of this (next best after Bill Gates clearly)!

Grape molasses & tahini: the halva were amazing little crumbly chunks made from tahini that I just looked forward to throughout this whole flavour.

Caramelized fig and walnut: what is a Turkish bazaar without the sweet, distinct perfume of figs of late summer afternoons?


Of course there are many other flavours but we didn't want to hit them all in one go! There needs to be an excuse for a second visit!!

Next time you brunch or dinner in Newtown we highly recommend you stop at the dinner menu and trek it past Gelato Blue (sorry), N2 and Cloud9 as your portal to Turkey awaits you!

10/10 ice cream! You can't really compare it to Messina and Cow and Moon in terms of flavour since they're so different (Hello feta + melon!?)!!


Buuut if my taste buds served me right, I think Turkish ice cream is traditionally a little sweeter! Who's complaining?

Our advice: 'go large or go home'

Where you'll find it:
Shop 1, 63-71 Enmore Rd, Newtown

MVPD xoxo

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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Sunday, 13 December 2015

#5 The Importance of Loving Yourself

Even as I write this—I’m doubting myself. Have I reached a designated check point to even reliably write something like this? Perhaps the question is, do I even love myself?

For now, at this particular moment, I say yes. I think learning to love yourself and give yourself time and nourishment to grow individually is so important. Not important because I’m only 18, nor is it important because everyone says it’s important. But rather, because to love yourself puts you on stable foundations for the rest of your life.

That is not to say you can’t have moments of disappointment. It is OK to not always be happy, so long as you proactively consider your situation and take measures to proceed.

Always proceed.

That brings me nicely to the next point of this musing.

There is no such thing as regret.

Consider this; you've hooked up with a particular someone you should not have even in the first place (there was alcohol involved).

Let me unpack this simply, painlessly and easily.

If you cannot change the past, whats the point in dwelling. Yes, you can formulate other actions that would/should be taken next time should you find yourself in that same predicament. But regret is so socially constructed. It demands we reprimand ourselves on things that we have done, diluting the lesson we have learnt in the process. Regret is a giant black cesspit. Don't give it your valuable time.  
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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Little Snail @ Darling Harbour // Review

French food is one of those cuisines that I've been dying to try for ages! They're definitely not as common as your thai food joint in every suburb! Like "let's go get French" said no one ever! Not hating on crepes but they're too easy to come by nowadays! I mean your ratatouille, snails and more snails!

So getting treated at the Little Snail at Darling Harbour for my birthday was one of the most amazing intangible gifts you could get! I feel nowadays I'm more for experience rather than the materialism. My friend dines here often so he knew which dishes were en pointe!

Oui oui I felt like being adventurous with my menu choice and I definitely have no regrets!

Here's the breakdown:
"Escargots de Bourgogne" aka marinated sea snails in a buttery sauce
How fittingly french, you use the pitch fork thing to twist it out of the shell and dip it in the pool of garlicky, buttery goodness. 10/10
"Mushroom and Leek Crepe" (pronounce with French accent)
For a friend who vows never to be vego, this dish is the exception so enough said I guess?

Kangaroo Fillet with Dijon and honey bordelaise sauce
I'm all for the 'well done' and almost got frowned upon for asking. Medium is as cooked as it gets and the thinly sliced kangaroo was amazing - soft and slightly crispy on the skin. Didn't take much convincing from the French waiter and I think I'm converted to medium cooked now!

"Cote de Veau" aka Veal Tenderloin with champignon and chardonnay beurre blanc
Lets also admire that potato croquette on the side please! All meat on point!

Belgian Chocolate Gateau 
No words for this gateau (it was out of this world) and the sweet candy sorbet complimented the dark choc so nicely with a fruity tang!
Kahlua Infused Chocolate Mousse
Two questions: 1. How did the chef put this together and 2. How do you eat it like a lady without a deconstructed mess on the plate? (It is perfectly possible!!)Well not too shabby for my very first French cuisine experience. :P
The mango cocktail was a great choice to accompany the food. I'm not much of a wine enthusiast but that wine was definitely a winner too (but cocktails any day!)

The staff were so great you couldn't help blanking out and just admiring their accents! I can't imagine a better venue and interior design with the windows shedding sunset light onto the plates! We came at the early end of dinner so it was  a nice busy. So chuffed afterwards (and keen to burn some of that dessert off with a walk around Darling Harbour!!)

Three word summary: Transported, Delicate, Serene
Ambience 5/5

Fare $$$
Service 5/5
Foodwise 5/5


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Monday, 14 September 2015

NYFW Round Up

Wow the world has made it through to the middle of the most chaotic and innovative event in the fashion industry. Lucky for you (who may be worlds away from the main event - like us) we've been scouring Instagram, Twitter, and the Snapchats of our favourite fashion enthusiasts to bring to you the prospective outlook of fashion for the next season. 

Here's what we've found;

1. Youth and quilt work
Bright colours for spring? Ground-breaking! What about if we say quilt work that is one seasonal step out of your winter woolies? Fashion and design house BCBGMAXAZRIA is rolling out the goods this year with their summer/spring 16 collection featuring patchwork bucket hats and pieces of maximum movement and fluidity. Its a more structured bohemian look, if you get our flow. We have heart eyes for the fringe details this year with the tassels appearing on shoes and necklines with the line accentuating all things young, carefree, surf, skate and good times. 

2. Cultural awareness
When activism meets fashion, you know you're a brand to be watched. Debuting their first collection Pyer Moss has set out to respond the the police brutality of the recent, and making #blacklivesmatter bigger and spreading it wider. Absolute commendable. The line incorporates fine lines, classical masculine pieces of a neutral pallet which is another thing we've noticed: the gender blender. All things unisex is appearing more and more- WE LOVE IT.

3. 90s necklines

Yep, this century is still very much nostalgic for the good' ole days and NYFW is no exception. This time round we're seeing the all too familiar shaped bodices and thin straps. Victoria Alfaro is a key player paying homage to this classic design and throwing in the reinvented vest for good measure. The lethal combo lends itself for a trendy yet mildly conservative number - GOT VEST ENVY. 

4. Collaborative Prints

Mr Adam Selman the very bubbly embodiment of this brand collaborated this year with graphic designer Miguel Villalobos to bring out some retro prints not unlike your Aunty's table cloths. This look is especially exciting with the abstract shapes and pastel colours. Not only this, Selman shows off his DIY skillz with a lil' converse sneakers cameo. Well, partial cameo, because they are cut up. They are converses but nah, ja feel?
5. Geometric shapes and designs
Lisa Perry has an all to chic line for her summer/spring collection featuring pieces like white blank canvas, artfully dotted with geometric shapes like a 90's music video. Prmitvworld also has the same idea with their graphic shirts and basics making a significant splash in the print department. MosesGauntlettCheng is a threesome power house with these design students straight from education with their debut collection. Look out for Clueless inspiration and well distressed pieces- disclaimer: It won't be hard to miss. 

That our wrap up for the first few days, look out for part 2 soon!

Can't tame your thirst for NYFW? Follow their insta @NYFW for second by second updates!

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Friday, 4 September 2015

JTONE Launch @ David Jones // Adventures

 David Jones sure knows how to pamper the JTONE girl with a new set of Pjs (complete with kimono), male models serving cocktails, a confectionary servery and... Dumplings! Sister goals when you choose her as your “bestie” plus one to DJs private event (try topping that Michelle).

Champagne already in hand as we ride the elevator up :P

JTONE is DJ’s new exclusive line of all things made to be comfy – undies, sleepwear and workout attire. Running around the house, sleeping and gyming has never looked better. 


No FOMO (fear of missing out) for the Vogue Night Out happenings downstairs when we finally rode the elevator up. Well what else do you think when the doors open and you see strobing pink lights, derby gals, a ceiling of pink balloons and the periodic shirtless male strutting through the crowds (second mention was necessary). We kinda felt like Kayture’s Kristina Bazan lost in all the lights and exclusiveness etc (hopefully this isn’t the last :P).

So what’s to see besides pink? OPI nail painting, tattoos and hairdressing to your right, bar straight ahead (as it should be hehe) and candy land on the left. Did I mention a photo backdrop with hanging donuts – what is life?

Next level soft serve toppings: peanut brittle, rocky road, nougat and macarons!

 So the night’s itinerary involved canap├ęs and drinks until Montana Cox and Allison Simpson graced the room for photos and to officially allow everyone to enjoy themselves sum mo’.


Now for me to put a “cake in it” or rather a donut because the night was for photos (and snapchat) and who wants to read my banter of the night anyways! Enjoy the montage!

Disclaimer: Prepare your eyes for a whole lot of pink!MVPD xoxo 

Photobombing everywhere!

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Nelson's Bay in Winter // Adventures

The uni semester break is winding up and for some reason we decide to drive two and a half hours North of Sydney to Nelsons Bay ... during Winter (because Summer is “been there, done that”). 

Nelsons Bay is pretty slow and chilled (literally) during the Winter months so we were excited for a lazy weekend getaway from the Sydney flurry filled with beach dawdles in the sun, dolphin spotting and, of course, guilt free trashy Foxtel (cue Dance Moms and Real Housewives of Melbourne).

But do put these on the To-Do when you visit J
- Dolphin/Whale watching cruise (we managed to also catch a dolphin from the pier!)
- Wake up at 6:20 AM (Winter) for the sunrise at Nelsons Head Inner Lighthouse
- Dawdle around d’Albora Marinas
- Walk past the Marina along the beaches to some lookouts (or bike it!)
- Laze in the sun and soak the views at Soldiers Point
- Pack a picnic and nab a bench near the waterfront
- Red Neds Gourmet Pie Bar on Stockton St (does Woolies have Lobster, Prawn & Barramundi pies at your convenience? No)

Enough chatter, just photos so enjoy the montage!



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