Sunday, 22 March 2015

'Just Oat It' *swoosh*

Newest obsession I guarantee you if:
1. You are an oats fan
2. You like the fresh fruity PUNCH in the mornings
3. You like to eat out of mason jars (Ofc who doesn't)
4. You want to desperately cut out those morning bacon and cheese rolls because you don't have time to make brekkie!

If you haven't guessed already I am talking about the mysterious overnight oats which I have to say is so easy and so yum that I slap myself for not discovering these months ago! After many dark hours on Pinterest, trial and errors and giving the recipe my own spin I've finally found the recipe for me (and hopefully for you too!)


What the flippins are overnight oats?! Well, think your average plain porridge oats softened by soaking in milk + yogurt overnight only NOT PLAIN when in the morning (like Cinderella out of the pumpkin carriage but in daylight) when you top with nuts, fruits, syrup and granola! A dash of chia seeds to up that Calcium? Too easy! It's not porridge - it's better! Who wants a scolded tongue in the middle of Summer anyways?!

From now on you can never use the 'I have no time in the morning' excuse! I never want to see a bakery good in your hand ever again unless it's a croissant and you're in Paris...

STEP ONE: Your base BASS!
1/4 C rolled oats
1 1/2 t Chia Seeds
1/4 C milk
1/4 C Greek yoghurt
1 t honey

- mix all into a mason jar (or any container of a 1 Cup size) 

STEP TWO: Choose your fruits!
Here are a few inspired ideas for you but really - 'anything goes' :P

Mango Vanilla
1/4 C chopped mango + 1 t vanilla essence

Peanut Banana (don't be phased by the peanut!)
1 T peanut butter + 1/2 banana sliced

Very Berry
1/4 C strawberries sliced, raspberries

Apple Cinnamon
1 t cinnamon + 1 apple chopped

- mix your desired choice through the oats mix

STEP THREE: wake up and go topping crazy!

1. top with either the same or a different sliced fruit
2. Generously sprinkle over some granola or clusters for that CRUNCH!
3. Drizzle some honey if you like and HELLO HEAVEN IN A JAR! 'Nice to meet you, I'm hungry!'


Mine's mixed through with Mango + Raspberry
with Banana, Mango + Carmen's Vanilla Clusters!
These overnight oats save my life when I have 8am uni starts!
So enjoy busy bees!!


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Saturday, 21 March 2015

#4 Existential Crisis coming at you hot, in 3, 2.....1

How are you feeling? Don't say “good.” You can do better than that. 

What I'm trying to get at is how well can you gauge your disposition (as Jane Austen would have it). Personally I find it hard sometimes. Like at times I feel like screaming into a pillow, waking up at night and crying for a dream that may as well be reality at the hour of the night, finish a sip of tea and realise your burning distaste for someone, walking away from a conversation and chastising yourself for being two faced, feeling objectified but being told you're overreacting, burning something, punching something, someone, or just feeling mentally exhausted that you need sleep but can't... because your not physically tired. 

How does one know what they feel when we are bombarded with messages that attempt to define us, tell us what to feel, how to react, is the authenticity of emotions a luxury destroyed by society? Is the idea of emotions no longer sacred but defiled by the impersonal and remote communication of social media. Are we desensitising ourselves without even knowing it? The phrase “alone in a crowd” is becoming less paradoxical and more applicable.

Misreading in the sense of situation is also becoming transparent especially when there is a screen and a few million pixels, electronic signals, electrons between a conversation on social media. We are so close but innately so far. Intimacy is arguably dead. Articulation of emotions maim. 

My realist other is warring with my self identified idealist self atm if you can't tell. Is their harm to accommodate both or is it risking a fragmented mentality? 

Ahh indecisions, indecisions… What ever shall I do. 

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#3 How to uni! A non-comprehensive ramble

How to start uni. The proven guide of basic survival of a first year that has had three weeks of experience that she considers are viable credentials.

Hi there it's Michelle first of all congrats on choosing being decisive enough to choose your potential occupation unless you chose a Bachelor of Arts though- my advice: have a good think every night before you get to sleep what your next step will be. Even if you're not doing uni, it's all good, just reinterpret the information to befit you circumstances.

So just a little bit of background information. I'm currently doing a bachelor of Law combined with a Bachelor of Arts (media and communication) and by the looks of it I will be majoring in government and international relations – that however is subject to change throughout my six - yep six (basically high school again) – years at uni. That nicely leads on to a very important thing I have learnt in the transition from high school to uni. And that is it is very much ok to be uncertain. It would be abnormal to have no anxieties about choosing a pathway to a working life that will span for the rest of your life (and with the demographic trends present, you’ll most likely be working in your death bed and your final clock off will be at your last breath). 

Although I truly envy people who are so adamant in reaching a particular job, I find that everyone needs a little uncertainty to keep us equally open to opportunities that wiz past but also to be alert and flexible to our constantly changing  individual interests. That is to say, I don't want 40 year old me regretting the decisions of 17 year of me. I think that is my biggest fear. I digress. Here is my almost foolproof guide (disclaimer: the term ‘guide’ is used very loosely) to starting uni.

1. If there is any time to reinvent yourself and finally be who you knew you truly were, but was stifled in high school by societal expectations that you inadvertably built yourself when you were a nervous stress ball in junior school…. Now is your chance. Take it. Capitalise on it. Be the person you always know you are.
2. Make friends- network! Be that person that starts conversations and sustains them. Expert tip: ask questions about them! Scientifically if you were to ask a new person questions that centred about the person were more than likely to be liked by that said person. Lest be honest, humanity is shallow. I'm not afraid to admit it. And so shouldn't you. 
3. Don't forget old friends. Expert tip: don't be an asshole. This idea should be taken in expansion to the latter- that being said, the people of your old life were foundational to your upbringing, they made you who you are- even if you wanted to reinvent yourself, something within you (irrevocably motivated by your values which in turn were influenced from your external environment ie your high school friends) has propelled you to do so. Unless they were rude or degraded you, ditch em’ they ain't your friends.
4. Lectures are recorded- abuse the system. Self explanatory PERIOD
5. Find work- don't be stagnant and reliant on your parents/guardians. You don't want to be the only one in your social group still nesting at home at 30. Be independent, search the world, find your ambitions, sculpt your dreams and make your life wholesome. Expert tip: given the chance to go abroad, DO IT. 
6. Show incentive. A little like no. 5 but just a reiteration basically. 
7. Say yes- more than no. Unless you really don't want to on grounds of illness, imminent possibly of death, general discomfort is no excuse. Exercise breaking out of your comfort zone and like muscle memory, I’ll be too easy soon enough. 

So of course they are infinite tips and tricks that I could have shopping listed for you but in reality that's not the way life works. You know it, and I know it. So don't kid yourself. 
Also I just want you to know that life can be a long journey (as cheesy as it sounds) and you should always let yourself catch up with yourself. What I mean is that, soon you’ll be tied down with work and responsibility, and you have to keep conscious of your own personal psychological and physical health to keep yourself floating. 

Tbh I'm still trying to work out how to go about doing that. Starting to drink darker coffee is also not helpful. Expert tip: know your ‘coffee threshold’ (defined as the hour you can no longer drink coffee and be able to sleep peacefully, as an example my threshold is about 3-4pm… More on this later) 

Well I think that is about it, and not just because I want you to have a go at uni and life in general for yourself, but really because I have two assignments due in the very near future that are not writing themselves. 

In summary; know yourself, don't be mislead, live in the ways that count and learn everyday in as many aspects of life as you can.


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Monday, 9 March 2015

Suzy Spoon's Vego-fy Revolution

It may be hard to guess from my brunch choices but "I ain't no vego"! But in fact vegetarian choices at cafes and restaurants intrigue me to the point that I would choose it over the meaty menu counterparts (what can I say I'm pretty risk-ay and up for anything).

Hence like a loyal friend of a vego, I was happy to pay a visit to Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher because:

1. Looking at the menu brochure and seeing tempeh, seitan and "facon" made me very curious.
2. I would not hear the end of it from my friend about any other cafe.
3. It's another excuse to come to eat at Newtown.
4. I kinda wanted to meet Suzy and have a nice vego to vego-appreciator chat

Suzy's is on King Street (number 22-24 to be exact) but the countless time I've caught a bus down King I swear I have never EVER seen it! Turns out its a little farther from the restaurant hub of Thai Pothong I'm used to.

We came in on a weekday at 11 for brunch and we were the only customers for a little which kinda surprised me. At Suzy's you order at the counter and while we waited  we had a look at their extensive range of take home vego goodies including homemade tomato sauce ($10.50), sausage varieties ($12) and Vienna Style Schnitzels ($14). We also strolled over for a look at Suzy's own cookbook nearby the counter and it sure made going part vegetarian tempting! The interior is very clean and kinda minimalistic-semi-rustic, not adhering to a certain theme like other cafes but there was this cool antique scale on a wall window looking into the kitchen. I think we just missed out on the true atmosphere of Suzy's coming at a quiet time :( The way seating went, we felt you couldn't really hang for long, chatting during and a little after the meal as you could other cafes (food totally makes up for this). But we did also get served directly by the chef with a helping hand from the waiter!!


Suzy comes into her store everyday but wasn't there at the time which was kinda sad for me because she sounded like a pretty cool, worldly person! We ordered the Tempeh Burger ($12), Chilli Dog ($12) and Spoon's Big Breakfast ($18.50) and no complaints what so ever. Kudos to the menu - it was great at explaining what to expect in your order even though there were some new words to me.

The Tempeh Burger of mine really made me believe in a bright future as a vegetarian. The English muffin style bun was toasted just right on the inside, the tempeh itself had a likeable nutty flavour and the homemade mayo, caramelised onions and peanut sauce was just the creme dela creme finish to a great burger! The burger came with a skewer and it was still on the brink of toppling over but I had a ball taking it down and demolishing it with the cutlery! It was AMAZING, who needs a side of chips anyways! I managed a swipe at some of the Sunday Sausage from the Big Breakfast which so fragrant and tasty with the herbs infusion and the Smoked Chilli Sausage in the Dog still messed with my brain because it looked like the biggest, meatiest American hot dog ever (such an illusion)!


I was so full and satisfied after! The portion was big but you kinda powered through because of the mystical allure of the peanut satay sauce! I couldn't manage finishing the top bun though after removing the skewer and letting all hell loose. You also felt pretty good having eaten a product that supports Suzy's vision of cruelty free and meat free food. Bonus: tasty and not over processed!

Wow I'm still feeling good inside (plus no regrets having ordered a burger for brunch)! I'd go back for that burger anytime or maybe to try the Spoon Burger with its vegan homemade rosemary and garlic pattie!

Three Word Summary: Feel-good, innovative, original
Ambience 3.5/5
Fare $ !!
Foodwise 5/5

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