Friday, 19 February 2016

Dance Classes @ DUTI Studios for a self professed "White Girl" dancer

You'd think a hike earlier in the day would convince me I'd done enough exercise for the whole week (that uphill hike back from Jingga pools though) but what trumped that day was my 2016 promise to finally try a dance class.

Yes, I thought about my future that could have been - as a finalist on America's SYTYCD.

Maybe it was the excitement of spontaneity, or that my hiking girls were also keen or maybe (slightly more accurate) it was my lifelong endeavor to move like a graceful human being.

Source: DUTI Studios
Pu-lease...What's the point of a body roll in isolation if you don't have a routine to go with it?

Anyways, we went to a JFH (Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop) class in a Newtown studio called DUTI Studios. It's only been running for 4 months and I could honestly say, walking through the door I almost squealed. 


You want to live the dancing dream? This tumblr-worthy studio definitely plays the part. New York-esque, all white, minimalistic with bright spotlights just like the backstage of a designer runway minus Donatella Versace.

Mathew the owner of the studio teaches the JFH and Jazz classes and he's amazeballs. Talking to him I could see how the interior design reflected his vision, the vibes he wanted to capture.

Uni students regularly frequent the studio with other classes including African, Contemporary Dance, Heels and Yoga.


The JFH class itself (for beginners) was really enjoyable! Time flew and my only regret is that my limbs decided to forget all learned coordination. It was challenging but left me so determined to move more fluid and freely!

Beginners like me rest easy:

- the routine is taught and practiced in nicely timed chunks
- the counting really helps you keep up to tempo
- any questions are totally welcome during the class
- you get group and individual feedback (the latter you can ask for)


Splitting into smaller groups to perform the routine in sync is that added push to move with flair. You're stuck in your own world and everything is a whirl!

The routine changes after two weeks! As for now I can't sleep easy tonight until I nail it!

Take a peek through the big black door and do something for yourself this year!

Follow them on Insta, Facey, YouTube and on their website!



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Saturday, 13 February 2016

5 dessert spots for a late night (spontaneous?) cruise in Sydney

The mates you really need are the ones that will message you after 8 pm to pick you up for a cruise, dessert and chills. I mean, how else will you fuel your deep conversations till the early am? Real talk: they’ll also let you man the AUX cable!!

Source: Justdessertsau

Desserts are meant to be enjoyed in the ungodly hours encroaching midnight in my opinion. When having “sweet things at night [are supposed to] give you nightmares” said mum and dad in the youngin’ days when you totally allowed them to dress you in white Velcro runners.

Source: DreamsandSparkles

These places will not (I hope) let you down and if you’re anything like me I don’t usually settle for the ordinary. They’re also totally ‘parkable’ places so you don’t need to be a stunt driver squeezing into nooks and crannies.
 If you’re only here to get chocolate ice cream, by all means do but you’ll be dead to me (well that escalated fast).

1. Pagoto Gelato & Waffle House.
Note to self: always trust a place that actually calls itself a Waffle House. Pagoto has endless Greek inspired flavours complete with weird and wonderful names. You have your pastry and sweets infused in the ice cream and it’s amazing! Cue in friend so you can share flavours and get a wider taste! Don’t ask me what’s in it but I totally recommend: Mastiha and Cinnamon, Visino and Karidopita.

301 Victoria Rd, Marrickville

Source: Kindlyyours
Source: Local News P

2. Pie Tin (Thurs, Fri, Sat – close 10pm)
If you’re feeling really adventurous(and haven’t had dinner) have savoury pie  and a dessert pie to finish. Not many places can satisfy the “sweet pie craving” which is a nice change from the usual ice cream.  There are pies to satisfy you caramel, chocolate, nutty, lemony cravings (not necessarily all in the one pie of course!). Recommendation:  “Noelines” Triple Choc

1a Brown St, Newtown

Source: Goodfood


3. Cheeky Chocolate.
This definitely won’t let you down in the decadent dessert cakes department! You can totally order from the menu or come and pick your poison at the cakes counter! They also have this dimly lit, older century, clandestine interior going on so you can sit on velvet chairs! Recommendation: Newbie (you get the best of three worlds – salted caramel, dark & white choc mousse) and The Raspberry Choc Meringue Tart!

11 George Street, North Strathfield

Source: the girls who ate the world

Source: Not quite Nigella

4. Oliver Brown Belgian Chocolate Cafe.
Just get any menu item with their “crunchy balls”- I assure you that’s all you need!! Their waffles are also the bomb digitty. Crispy on the outside as it should be!
Recommendation: Crunchy Balls Hot Choc, Banana Split with crunchy balls (see a trend here :P)

Source: The Food Diary Syd

Source: Foodporn

5. Bay Vista Desserts
This one you definitely need a mate to help out because portions are very filling! You don’t want to cripple yourself with a dessert coma! Pop this one on the list if you’re down for an ocean drive and/or can’t decide what kind of dessert. Cakes, pancakes/waffles, scrolls, ice cream bowls and drinks dilemma sorted! Recommendation: “The Original” Mortal Sin (this title has never felt so real!)

183 The Grand Parade, Brighton-Le-Sands

Source: Bay Vista

Source: Bay Vista

Go for your life
MVPD xox

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