We don’t fancy ourselves the true Indiana Jones kind of adventurer but rather City Weekenders, soaking in the much slower pace of life hidden in crooks and arcades near the city. It’s when the locals come out to the cafes with no need to rush back to work, BBQs sizzle in the parks, friends hit the beach and for the lucky ones – a drive out of Sydney to explore the archaic countryside!

Of course everyone needs to spend their down time at home or in the garden after an intense working/studying week but we ask “Why not a change of scenery today?” because after all, the best trips are the spontaneous ones!!

Sydney satisfies and takes care of its dwellers; festivals and events are happening all the time, taking you to all kinds of places and the weather is pretty sweet most of the time (sorry Melbourne)! Lucky for us Sydney is so dynamic, you can be in the same place for two weeks and it rarely feels the same! Stuck in Sydney for the holidays? Not as bad as it seems, even if your friends are flying off to Europe and the Americas! It almost sounds too easy to get to know your own city or places an hour out! Last year’s missed highlights will become this year’s main events! All you need is a cute diary (check) to mark the dates and just jump on that bus or train you’ve never caught before and see where it takes you for the day. But of course the yearning to cross the seas is always there even down to embracing the jetlag (maybe, maybe not).

So this will be where you can read about our weekend and holiday shenanigans, mischief and other escapades to faraway places. We have plans to travel abroad this year so we’ll be excited to relish the new air, food, culture and landscape – the best thing being, we don’t know where yet! Europe is definitely in the mix!
The key is to keep an ear out and your mind open! A little change from routine is always good and we hope to inspire the curious explorer in you!

Life takes us to many places and if the place is worth sharing, you’ll find it here.