Book Reviews

Call us old fashioned but every boy and girl needs a good book every now and then. We're all for the physical in-your-hand books but I guess we can let the e-bookers into our Book Club as well.

Books can trump your over melodramatic TV shows (even though we need a dose of trashy TV every now and then) and I don't mean your no-brainer books but those books that you immortalize in your mental trophy book list. They leave you satisfied and changed - yes changed - in your outlook of the people and the world. In today's world, these books are rare but great finds!

'No two persons ever read the same book' - Edmund Wilson

I'm not coercing you to flock to your closest antique English-looking bookstore and force yourself to get lost in the aisles and get early osteoarthritis in your neck and back from squinting to read each and every title, author name and blurb. Sadly not everyone's life is a bookstore scene out of Notting Hill or like Flourish and Blotts.
That's where we're hoping to help if you're willing to read through our unprofessional points of views as we read our way through boredom and spontaneously become book critics for the day.

Our hearts just melt when we see people in small street cafes on their own, curled on the seat cushion with a book and a coffee.

We're always looking to expand our reading scope so feel free to recommend some of your all time favourites as well!