Full Name
Michelle Linh-Ngoc Veronica Dang
Nick name
Mich, Michie, Mitchie, scum bag

Preferred Initials


5th April, 1997

First year student studying Combined bachelor of Law and Arts (media and communication) at the University of Sydney

Dream Hussle
UN job ie international ambassador or Journalist 

Oxygen- you could say I'm oxygen-dependent, reading, writing, sketching, painting  
Go-to breakfast when you're in a rush
Sadly nothing :'(

What will you be contributing to this collab?
Book reviews and recommedations, general blog maintenance, a lot of diary entries...etc

How to deal with a pimple
Flaunt it or toothpaste and "no touchy"

What do you do when you're sad
Wallow in it and write prose

What do you collect?
Make-up, grazed knee scars, books

What do you always misplace?
Mimi's things that I borrow 

What or who do you miss right now?
Blissful childhood ignorance
Describe your fashion style in five words
Minimal, grey, oversized, pastels, plum-lip


Go-to Lounge wear
As little as possible

Biggest pet peeve

Depends on how much sleep I've had the night before... always coffee then

Inspirational icons?
Jesus- what a cool dude.
Jks Emma Watson,  

Physical activity?
Volleyball, soccer, running 

Small... like a dynamite

Where someone would find you 99% of the time?

Something you could be doing for hours
Reading, Pinterest, writing, eating... no ragrets 

Spirit animal? If anything/one
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Fave movie?
That is an impossible question

Mantra of life/quote
Another impossible question

Look to your left, that will be the death of you. What is it?
Mum's slippers... Don't worry I've accepted my fate

Social media plug! GOO!

Any last words?
I hope that now you have a basic image of me (based on your imagination no less) we can get rid of this awkward writer and reader abyss because we're practically best-friends now! Now I need to know something about you and I feel like this question will be the make or break of any friendship so please, I implore you to answer in the comment section below "Look to your left, that will be the death of you. What is it?" ***anything more ironic than slippers gets brownie points