Full Name
Mimi Vu Phuong Dang

Nick name
Mim, Mimzy (not the "Last Mimzy" movie plz),  

Preferred Initials


25th September baby, 1995

Second year Physiotheraphy at the University of Sydney and still can't even massage.

Dream Hussle
How do I say this simply - Physiotherapist in Musculoskeletal conditions i.e. Sports Physio to preferably male tennis players.

Half Ass Gyming, Netball, watching Tennis, Tea enthusiast, feeding my need for cultural experiences, cooking, eating out, ice cream, cheesecake.... see a trend here? 
Go-to breakfast when you're in a rush
I don't even care I got to sit down and have my muesli and fruit thanks!

What will you be contributing to this collab?
Watching sister maintain the blog technicalities, seasonal recipes and fresh bakes (only the successful ones of course)! 

How to deal with a pimple
"If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down" - 'Meet the Fockers' wisdom

What do you do when you're sad
Have a nice, long hot shower and look t nice tumblr photos.

What do you collect?
International food experiences, bikinis, T2 teas, $2 coins in a jar and clothes I don't even wear as it seems! 

What do you always misplace?
Bobby pins - who else feels my pain?!

What or who do you miss right now?
Kiddy Nap times, my higher childhood energy reserves and being overseas!
Describe your fashion style in five words
High-waisted Skirts, scarfs, never prints   

The Realest

Go-to Lounge wear
PJs if bothered to change in the first place

Biggest pet peeve
Hella greasy hair

Endless Tea at home but coffee to get through uni lectures (duh)

Inspirational icons?
Karlie Kloss - not just cause she's Vic Secret but she's so athletic!
Jamie Oliver - the culinary skills AND that British accent!
Keira Knightley

Physical activity?
Netball and gym (lets get this straight, i'm nowhere near a gym junkie) 

Tall with stick limbs

Where someone would find you 99% of the time?
Waiting outside the bathroom while Michelle is using it

Something you could be doing for hours
Eating, sipping tea, hanging at the beach and baking!

Spirit animal? If anything/one
Jennifer Lawrence

Fave movie?
Pirates of the Caribbean (or just Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp) never gets old

Mantra of life/quote
"Just Do Eat It"

Look to your left, that will be the death of you. What is it?
Michelle and her laptop - oh gods.

Social media plug! GOO!

Any last words?
Strange that - I actually discovered a little more about myself answering these questions. I want to do too much and be too much that I definitely need more than a lifetime. Plus I need somewhere to document the more interesting things I get up to! The writing urge in me doesn't see the light enough in a uni course like mine!

No one but Michelle knows me very very well because i'm just a mash up of interests some may have never guessed, strutting in the facade of a tall, too skinny-limbed would-be Physio.

Why you even took the time to read to this point still amazes me! So here's to a new year of new experiences and adventures!