Here we have the psychological musings and angst ridden page essential for any teen-run establishment. Ahhh yes, you hear that? Well that's just our resident quarter-life crisis we keep well fed with uni work loads, 'The Friend Complex' (the ongoing Bold and the Beautiful rip-off) not yet nearing its final season [This is not a real tv show- not really], a good supply of insecurity and questions of mortality.

Oh no please don't use that exit door! That's a 30 metre drop to the attic where we kept Justin Bieber- of course, before he got away. You might aswell hang around for a bit longer for your health and safety. Perhaps something here could catch your interest or the interest of that philosophical gnome in your head.

I hope I've sold this page well because I have a feeling its only going to be little old Michelle running this show. As an aspiring writer- I find this space quite invigorating and liberating in that I can, or rather I gently force myself to turn incomprehensible brain thoughts into lucid and in time relateable words- For my sanity and benefit- if not yours.

Welcome to the Grey Space